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You’ll unsubscribe because of these newsletters at any time. You may unsubscribe whenever you want. By registering, you agree to receive the chosen newsletter s which you may unsubscribe from at any time. You also consent to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and consumption practices outlined inside our online privacy policy. Down Load Today. Travis Poker Director is outstanding searching integrated poker timer and league management system for Windows and Mac OS X, with the emphasis on simplicity.

It permits one to monitor the outcomes of your people across numerous games in your tournament, and shop all the information online. You can handle seating arrangements from in the timer, and upload the outcomes of the game right because it finishes. Setup and manage your online game in one single, quick selection. Shows circular time, blinds, un poco antes, people staying and processor chip averages. Use multiple, pre-determined blind structures or specify and save your very own.

Add timed breaks. Determine prize money predicated on percentage associated with cooking pot. Save your commonly used feedback values for future usage. Fully customizable with your own noises and background picture. Little file that requires no installation. On the web database of online game data and player league table.

Add player pages and show their development over all of your tournaments. Upload game statistics from in the timekeeper. On line admin area means you can easily handle your league from any computer system. Randomize player sitting positions across numerous tables. Next generation business applications tend to be scalable, composable and intelligent 2 hours ago by Vala Afshar in Digital Transformation.

App shop failure? Sideloading spells the end of Apple’s walled garden 3 hours ago by Jason Perlow in Apple. Microsoft says Microsoft windows 11 will delight a few parts of your body 4 hours ago by Chris Matyszczyk in Microsoft.

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Log in to Indeed. Sign in to apply for jobs, view job alerts, conserved jobs, and much more. Don’t possess a merchant account? Register now. Travis Poker Timer Admin Since we believe your casino celebration programs are put on hold for now, we advise you test an innovative new on-line casino. They’ve a lot of splashy games, cash and no-cost spin bonuses, day-to-day tournaments and much more! On your own desk-top, laptop computer, Travis Poker Timer Admin tablet or phone, an on-line casino can help you shed the coronavirus blues/10(). Oct 06,  · Travis Poker Director is outstanding looking integrated poker timekeeper and league management system for Windows and Mac OS X, with all the increased exposure of simplicity of use. On the web admin Subcategory: Cards & Lottery.

Choose game to see results.. call us at: www. Register at www. Permalink for this dining table. Laurie ‘Kitty’ Sheil. Toeback ‘Toeback’. David ‘DENice’ Earley. Phil ‘Psamrick’ Samrick. Aaron ‘AAron’ Huxley. Christina ‘CBear’ Early. Jeff ‘Doc’ Taylor. Joshua ‘Stata’ Riley. Wayne ‘The Artist’ Huxley. Brady ‘Brady’ McAndrews. Deion ‘EazyD’ Tabas. Nui ‘Nui’ Morrow. Gloria ‘GloGlo’ Atherstone. Thomas ‘Hamwallet’ Johnson. Darrell ‘TheBreeze’ Walters. Scott ‘DjScotty’ Masayko. Dan ‘Dan A’ Arum.

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