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It definitely is NO Bible. The “Adventist Bible” is by far one of the most blasphemous undertakings previously posted. They call the guide a “Bible,” and make use of the phrase Bible , at least fourteen times regarding the address coat.

Room regarding the guide cover or jacket or everywhere i could discover inside , does the term “Seventh-day Adventist” appear. SDA’s are known for concealing their true identification. Every part in the book is outlined similar to various other “Bibles” with chapter and verse numbers. Deuteronomy when you look at the King James Bible checks out plainly, the King James Bible shows that the Sabbath Day was presented with by Jesus to a certain men and women the Jews , during in specific period of time the Old-Testament , in a specific region Palestine Now spot the exact same verse from the “SDA Bible,” i.

Browse those two passages once more and notice the degree difference. The SDA bible obviously states the opposite. This naturally leads to some disturbing and indicting questions:. Adventists instruct that the Ten Commandments were not first provided at Sinai, but received to Adam and Eve prior to the fall of guy, before sin started.

As evidenced, SDA’s were prepared to corrupt God’s term in a harmful make an effort to justify a false doctrine. This is certainly true of several cults, such as Roman Catholicism, which corrupts the Ten Commandments.

To pay when it comes to lacking 2nd Commandment, they’ve split the tenth Commandment into two. This might be woeful deception! The Seventh-Day Adventist Deception. SDA is right out of the pits of Hell. It’s time that Evangelicals Christians everywhere remain true and speak out contrary to the damnable false faith of SDA.

Many Christian groups nevertheless start thinking about Seventh-day Adventists become part of popular Christianity. It’s time that Evangelicals everywhere operate and talk up about the multitude of deliberate, destructive modifications towards the Word of Jesus in SDA’s popular Clear Word Bible.

The gravity of intentionally altering the meaning of God’s word cannot be overemphasized! Psalm equates the sacredness of God’s Word together with holy name, “Thou hast magnified Thy term relating to all Thy name. We ought to ask why anyone would like to make many additions, deletions and modifications to God’s term. Real, we allow paraphrases simply take particular freedom in loosely rendering Jesus’s word with all the goal to really make it basic for our generation.

Nevertheless, whenever a paraphrase establishes out to intentionally distort the truth of God’s Word, then just what? The fact additions, deletions and changes “need” is made is an obvious indication of doctrinal weakness if not outright error.

White, in particular. Her writings will always be held because of the SDA chapel to be “a continuing and authoritative supply of truth” Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists, No. Seventh Day Sabbath. Adventists train that seventh-day Sabbath maintaining is the seal of Jesus and can get to be the last test of respect to Christ for all Christians.

Genesis KJB – “as well as on the seventh day Jesus ended their work which he had made; and he rested regarding the 7th day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: for the reason that it with it he had rested from all their work which God created making.

CWB- “Then on the seventh day of creation few days, Jesus stopped to take pleasure from just what he’d made and also to sleep into the beauty of it all. Therefore He blessed the seventh-day and set it apart as a-day of religious refreshment and pleasure.

The CWB makes the seventh day section of “creation week” rather than a gathering of a finished creation. Exodus KJB – “And Pharaoh stated, Behold, the people regarding the land now tend to be numerous, and ye cause them to sleep from their particular burdens. CWB – “You’ve created sufficient issues by simply making them sleep each week in your Sabbath…”.

KJB – “And it shall come to pass, that on the sixth time they shall prepare that which they generate; and it also will be double the amount because they gather daily.

CWB – “On the sixth time they should gather double the amount as on the other times in order to have enough for the seventh-day, that is the Sabbath, the day we set-aside for worship and remainder. KJB – “Speak thou also unto the kids of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall hold: for this is a sign between me and also you through your generations; that ye may understand that i’m the LORD that doth sanctify you.

Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you: every the one that defileth it shall surely go to death: for whosoever doeth any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among their people. Six times may work be done; however in the seventh may be the sabbath of sleep, holy towards the LORD: whosoever doeth any work with the sabbath-day, he shall certainly be put to death. Wherefore the kids of Israel shall keep carefully the sabbath, to see or watch the sabbath throughout their years, for a perpetual covenant.

CWB – tell the folks, “Most importantly, make every effort to keep consitently the Sabbath holy as it is an extremely big day for me, and it is each day of remainder for your needs. It is a sign between you and me for many time to show you are individuals who I have chosen and set aside.

The Sabbath is holy and anybody who desecrates it be working on that day is put do demise, since that might be a work of treason against Jesus’s federal government. My people are to keep the Sabbath, celebrating it as an indicator they belong to myself. Note how the CW changed “Israel” to “people” to make it appear that the Sabbath is intended for many people, not only for Israel, as Scripture teaches. It has also changed “put to death” to “an act of treason against Jesus’s federal government.

Leviticus KJB – “Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day may be the sabbath of sleep, an holy convocation; ye shall do no work therein: it’s the sabbath associated with LORD in all your dwellings. CWB – “There has always been the weekly Sabbath…”. Hebrews KJB – “For he spake in a certain place of the seventh-day with this wise, And Jesus did sleep the seventh-day from all their works. CWB – “That’s the reason why at creation He offered guy the seventh-day Sabbath, not only as a reminder of creation few days, but additionally as a symbol of spiritual sleep.

Based on the Scriptures, God Himself rested regarding the seventh-day and liked this special time with guy. Keep in mind that the CW states “according to your Scriptures” then adds great things not in the Scriptures! KJB – “There remaineth consequently a rest to the people of God. CWB – “So there still continues to be the provide of spiritual sleep that God intends for every generation to own, of that your Sabbath is a symbol.

Note how the CW has twisted this verse! See Sabbath in Crisis , P. Acts KJB – “And upon the very first day’s the few days, once the disciples emerged collectively to split breads, Paul preached unto them, ready to leave in the morrow; and carried on their speech until midnight.

CWB – “After sundown on Saturday-night, the believers got together for a fellowship meal also to state good-by to Paul. That evening he talked to them until midnight, after which he hoped to have a couple of hours sleep before leaving early Sunday morning. Note how the CW calls this a Saturday night meeting, changes “break bread,” a phrase employed by early chapel for communion, to a fellowship meal and also to say good-by to Paul.

This twisting of Scripture completely changes the power with this verse to fit Adventist theology. Colossians Colossians is an essential verse in that it reveals clearly that the Seventh-day Sabbath is just a shadow of Christ. This verse should really be studied in its framework and in addition in comparison to its Old Testament Parallel, Ezekiel below. If the terms “festival or equivalent , new moons and Sabbaths are employed together when you look at the Old-Testament, the term Sabbath always refers to the Seventh-day Sabbath.

Additionally, these terms usually are found in either ascending or descending series: festival yearly new moons monthly Sabbaths regular or Sabbaths weekly , new moons month-to-month , celebrations annually. These two well established habits make it sure that the Seventh-day Sabbath is in view in Colossians and also this reality undermines your whole SDA increased exposure of the seventh-day Sabbath. Note how they have actually twisted both Colossians plus the Old Testament parallel text, Ezekiel They usually have tried to make the term “Sabbaths” relate to the special annual feasts as well as in so doing have made Paul redundant.

They have additionally confused the wording and so the apparent ascending or descending sequence is broken, thus twisting this verse in 2 ways to fit their doctrine and corrupt the truth of God’s term. Colossians , KJB – “Let no guy therefore assess you in meat, or perhaps in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or for the brand-new moon, or for the sabbath times: that are a shadow of what to come; but the body is of Christ.

CWB – “Don’t let any person control you life by providing you a collection of ceremonial principles about what for eating, things to take in and what monthly celebrations or special Sabbaths to help keep. Every one of these principles received as a shadow of this truth in the future and therefore the truth is Jesus Christ. Ezekiel KJB – “and it also shall be the prince’s component to offer burnt offerings, and meat offerings, and drink offerings, when you look at the feasts, plus in the brand new moons, as well as in the sabbaths, in every solemnities of the house of Israel: he shall prepare the sin offering, and the beef providing, additionally the burnt offering, therefore the peace choices, to produce reconciliation when it comes to residence of Israel.

CWB – “It will probably be their task to produce these national choices on all appointed celebrations using their unique Sabbaths, such as the month-to-month festival of the brand new Moon. He could be to bring whole grain offerings, whole burnt offerings and comfort offerings for an atonement when it comes to nation all together. Revelation it’s possible to see by the examples listed above that The Clear Word Bible makes deletions, improvements and twists the term of God to really make the Bible teach what it doesn’t teach: required universal observance associated with seventh-day Sabbath for several peoples–Adventist doctrine.

Death and Hell. Adventists, like Jehovah Witnesses, have confidence in soul sleep plus don’t believe in Hell. Note the way they have changed the term of Jesus to fit their corrupt theology. Isaiah KJB – “and so they shall get forth, and look upon the carcases of the guys that have transgressed against me personally: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; as well as will probably be an abhorring unto all skin.

CWB – They will understand dead figures of those that have rebelled against me personally lying outside the city. It will likely be an abhorrent sight. But just as worms never end until they devour the dead and fire doesn’t stop until it ruins, and so the fires for the Lord will destroy the sinful and digest them all.

Christ quotes this verse on a few occasions.


Clear word bible app.The SDA Clear Water Bible EXPOSED

In the Clear Word, our goal would be to help folks understand Jesus’s Word in a clear, concise, and unbiased manor. Here you could get your web Theology degree at your pace, or get a hold of answers to concerns. Each language has actually it very own expressions that are entirely meaningless in other languages. The “Clear Word” tries to prevent these by paraphrasing the first Bible text into the modern American English so your concept is not hard to know. More often than not it succeeds well. But, its only just a paraphrase, and must certanly be understood as such/5(). Oct 29,  · The Clear Word just isn’t actually a Bible, but a paraphrase/commentary that,when used properly, can enrich one’s devotional research and can berecommended in that way. It will never be utilized due to the fact Word of God forteaching Size: 90KB.

Cancel anytime. Absolutely nothing catches the imagination like a story. Jesus’s stories were therefore enthralling that also his enemies forgot about time and situation. Into the mainly post-agrarian community of today, Ellen White’s work rekindles in the modern-day listener the same all-absorbing high quality of Jesus’ tales.

By: Ellen G. How did the universe begin? Just how performed the entire world arrive here? Where and exactly how did the individual race start? Patriarchs and Prophets is a book about beginnings. In interesting, easy-to-understand language, it defines precisely how planet Earth, additionally the individuals who survive it, began. The Great Controversy may be the tale of the way the forces of great conquer the forces of evil. The story accumulates aided by the destruction of Jerusalem and continues down the centuries to the current.

It is a tale of truth and exactly how it had been lost by many people, although not all then gradually rediscovered because of the broader Christian community through the Reformation. It climaxes utilizing the eschaton and delineates how we in today’s can navigate the last moments of planet’s record. The dawn associated with the New Testament period was ushered in by the Sermon from the Mount over two millennia ago.

Ellen White’s retelling of Christ’s familiar words brings out precious treasures brand-new and old. The listener is transported back in its history to experience, the inaugural target of Christ’s Kingdom, as if for the first time. Christ’s benediction into the world, and this telling from it is actually for everybody else.

Today, searching and feeling good tend to be high way of life concerns. For not as compared to the price of a doctor visit, this health classic will say to you simple tips to handle anxiety, get well, avoid illness, and feel vibrantly live.

Does God have a health-care arrange for men and women residing these days? Will there be a match up between diet and religious development? Does the Master Physician aspire to cure consumers as He did in Bible times? Responses to these questions and more are found in Ministry of Healing. The Desire of Ages lays out of the life of Christ so intimately that the listener will feel as if he or she were walking the routes of Galilee because of the master relaying a parable, or sitting in the Mount of Olives watching the agony of our Lord.

At its heart, the book is devotional saying towards the listener that Jesus Christ fulfills the deepest longings for the person heart. This guide starts with King Solomon’s reign and concludes right before Jesus’ birth, but don’t expect to hear an historical record such as a textbook.

This really is history read as God’s master program, and He knows just what he is performing. Prophets and Kings is amount two of a five-volume set that covers human history right from the start of our some time on into the future.

Many publications being written about Christ as well as the Christian life, but few have captured much in so succinct a way. Jacob imagined a dream of steps up to heaven attached and accessible to man. These days that ladder still is out there outlined in ways worthwhile of the subject. You’re invited to witness the enormous power associated with early chapel whenever it attached to the ultimate power. Then you’re asked to request and experience it for yourself.

You’ll again witness the enormous energy of the early church as you hear The Acts regarding the Apostles , an extraordinary discourse in the guide of Acts. Then you are invited to request it and experience it yourself and your church. Discover the key to true knowledge while you listen to these essential maxims recognizing God as supply and Teacher. Understand where numerous failed, and live the truth that makes us free. Seeking to get an advanced degree in Education? Gain fresh insight into the origin of all understanding and understanding.

This can be great instruction for people who train others or for personal development. Education is a must listen for almost any really serious student of life.

The delight hundreds of thousands desire is found in the guy who divided history. You wish pleasure. It could be found just in Him. The inexpressible desire of all centuries is not found in things, popularity, energy, or pleasure-seeking.

It may be found just in someone. The Desire of Ages is their tale. This guide could be the end of your search.

Few people today recognize that this planet may be the primary fight zone of a cosmic war that erupted years ago. But, after listening to this guide, you will know why it is being fought, exactly how as soon as it will end. The Great Controversy begins at the dawning for the Christian era, traces the increase and fall of nations and religious abilities down seriously to our day, then plunges forward to preview the near future. And just what this book sees coming just isn’t considering guesswork. Ellen G.

White, pioneer and prophetess associated with Seventh-day Adventist Church, posted methods to Christ in as a methodical guide when it comes to evangelical. She defines the steps would have to be taken in order to be close to Christ on a personal degree.

The book expands significantly on topics, such repentance, confession, acceptance, and prayer. The Sermon from the Mount is a benediction from paradise to the globe – a voice through the throne of God. Throughout all time the language that Christ spoke through the mount of Beatitudes will retain their particular energy. Every phrase is a jewel through the treasure-house of truth. The axioms enunciated in this discourse tend to be for all ages as well as for all classes of men.

Understanding just what the language of Jesus designed to those who heard all of them, we may discern inside them a new vividness and beauty, and may also gather for ourselves their deeper lessons.

Probably the hottest guide ever before written from the parables of Jesus Christ. Listen as Jesus speaks of a Great Gulf Fixed between our earth therefore the life to come. Observe a fantastic banquet prepared for many that will go to, as well as an extensive spectrum of skills become provided to those that will enlist into the Master’s service. By: E. place the pieces of your puzzled heart together and find peace above life’s violent storm as you digest this obvious, remarkable audio program of two books in one single.

Observe how in order to become, and then remain, a Christian. This Christian classic has been posted in almost languages with more than million copies in blood supply. Apart from the Bible it self, no book previously written has shown so unmistakably how to be and stay a Christian. With cozy personal stories informed into the form of a personal conversation at a quiet escape, Dr. maximum Hammonds works through the basic basics of just what it means become a Christian and a Seventh-day Adventist within the real life, living for God through the “Time of the End”.

This is not yet another guide about Adventist doctrines. This guide gets in the centre of Christianity while concentrating on the unique calling we now have as Adventists. By: Max Hammonds. A lot more than one hundred years back, Ellen G. White penned The Desire of Ages , a classic amount in the lifetime of Jesus that has been a source of determination and enlightenment to scores of readers all around the globe.

Creator Jerry D. By: Jerry D. The Clear Word allows the power of ancient texts come through these days. Due to the fact meaning of Scripture gets to be more clear, the truth is more of Jesus’s grace and love. The Clear keyword has actually restored the devotional life of thousands of people. Let it restore yours. The convenient structure makes it easy to navigate the Old Testament. Each chapter is a separate, numbered track, to help you pay attention sequentially or select a certain book or chapter.

Like the Clear Word Bible , but want the audiobook chapters wasn’t number but the brands for the publications had been written on in order to go directly to the exact guide you wish to hear. We have thoroughly enjoyed the reading with this guide Lonnie Melashanko leaves energy in reading The Clear Word..

Kind relaxing voice to be controlled by yet not monotone sound i suggest listening to this guide over and over again This type of the Bible was a joy to read through and I also want to re read it often times! This has undoubtedly explained many difficult phrases We have previously struggled with into the Bible. It’s made reading the Bible both much more informative and vastly more fun!

Thank-you Jack Blanco! Want I could choose chapters!!! This audio book, the Clear Word by Jack Blanco; I feel does a great task navigating that good line. It feels as though I am enjoying the Bible and a commentary as well. This is a great knowledge. I am hoping other individuals will look at this and follow fit, by revealing this news.