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All praises are due to Allah; we praise Him; we look for their help; we seek His forgiveness; and we also look for their assistance. We look for refuge in Allah through the evil in our souls additionally the badness of your deeds.

For whomever Allah guides, there was nothing to lead him astray. And for whomever He enables to get astray, discover none to guide him. We bear experience that there surely is none worthy of worship except Allah, for whom there is no partner.

And I also bear experience that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. Especially in today with many obstacles placed in front of Islam and thus numerous bad untruths spread about any of it, it is a good true blessing from Allah that He provides specific people the capacity to see the truth and light of Islam. A new Muslim—and, in fact, every Muslim—should continually be thankful to Allah that Allah has actually blessed him with this specific ever-important understanding and knowledge of their religion.

By changing to Islam, As a New Muslim ,you have entered into a unique world that is most likely very different from your own past outlook on life. Perhaps above all though is that via Islam this new Muslim discovers the means by which god are going to be pleased with him and he becomes pleased about his Lord.

They browse stuffs after stuffs on the internet or ask for guidance from some other Muslim who is almost certainly not a learning Muslim.

New Muslims often get tired of the conflicting info on the web in addition they get Puzzled and confused. Islam is not simply about the recognition regarding the Oneness of God or even the undeniable fact that the Creator is present, for instance. Islam is approximately something much more than that. Its concerning the aware choice created by the specific individual to worship and distribute into the one and only Jesus.

If you should be nevertheless puzzled,you may prefer to view this brief Video on intent behind Life and exactly why be a Muslim. You are able to transform to Islam by Simply Saying the sahadah. Because Sahada is not only pronouncing the text of Sahada by words however you need publish yourself to the might of Allah since it is to Allah we belong and also to Allah we will return.

You can take sahada now itself : Watch psychological Sahada with Mufti Menk. Anyone who thinks in a single God and will not give consideration to virtually any deity worth worship besides Him is recognized as a Muslim. All he/she has got to do would be to affirm the belief in the last Prophet of Jesus- Muhammad, peace be upon him through saying:.

This is called the Shahadah bearing experience towards the Truth. The Quran could be the speech of Allah and the truth that emerged straight to the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him from Allah via the angel Gabriel.

The Quran ended up being uncovered piece by piece over a period of twenty 36 months. It led the early Muslim community along each step it took. It thus completely changed that neighborhood into a pious generation. In the meantime, it put instances for all subsequent Muslim communities that will deal with some of the same circumstances they faced. It transformed an Arab individuals who had been regarding the margins associated with civilized globe at that moment to the frontrunners of outstanding civilization, whose influence however continues these days.

When read, understood and applied properly today, it will also transform people or community and exalt them to brand-new heights of piety and nearness to God. I would personally request one to tune in to the Quran since the recitation of Quran brings Peace and tranquility into the reciter and also the listener.

Sunnah could be the sayings, actions and tacit approval associated with the Prophet Muhammad, comfort be upon him. Its another source of Islamic Laws, regulations,and rankssecond following the Quran. Sunnah is recorded in publications of Hadith narrations and is essential in knowing the meaning of the Quranic text, exploring the concepts outlined into the Quran and showing just how to realize and exercise all of them. Within the Quran, Allah makes it obvious that if some one really loves Allah and desires that Allah should love him in return, the main element is to proceed with the means of the Prophet Muhammad comfort and blessings of Allah be upon him.

The Sunnah demonstrates the way the Quran is to be implemented. It really is a practical explanation of what the Quran is training. It describes the morals, habits and rules of the Quran in a way that its meaning becomes clear. This total, human embodiment associated with the teachings associated with Quran is a good blessing and mercy for Muslims.

It makes the assistance from God much more total and accessible to all. Therefore, the Quran plus the Sunnah type one united product which provides all of the principles of assistance that humankind will require before the Day of Judgment.

Just the ones that can satisfy rigid requirements of credibility are considered respected. Every activity completed with the awareness that it satisfies the Will of Jesus is recognized as an act of worship in Islam. These are: statement of Faith, Prayers, Alms giving. Fasting and Pilgrimage to Makkah for individuals who are able to do this physically and economically. It really is fadh Obligatory on Muslims to Pray 5 times each and every day. You can discover Slowly. I’ve attempted to give an explanation for Islamic Prayer with the concept of the Arabic Verses incorporated into This article however in the event that you still have difficulties,you can go and speak to an Imam associated with the regional Masjid,they will likely be glad to teach you.

Its Fardh Obligatory on Every Muslims to provide 2. This can include cash in hand, bank savings, bonds, and other objects of value. Zakat is a nullifier of Sins. It’s certainly one of five Pillars of Islam. Every responsible Muslim is obligated to fast the month of Ramadan. For you to be obligated to quickly, you have to be of sound head. Fasting is not obligatory regarding the crazy person. Fasting isn’t obligatory on someone whose body cannot tolerate fasting , either because of senior years or serious infection.

Fasting is not like many Fasts and It has tremendous wellness advantage also. You have to Quick from dawn to Dusk. It’s Sunnah to eat suhoor-Pe-dawn meal ahead of the fardh Adhan and the fast will soon be broken following the Adhan of Maghrib is Pronounced.

Unlike various other Fast you simply cannot consume and drink-not even Water. Allah supplies the stregth to people who quickly and Many Muslim Children fast the whole Ramadhan only out of Excitement to earn significantly more rewards. Believe Me,Allah makes it easy. When Pilgrimage is Performed during a certain period of the year into the month of Dhul al hujja it is known as as Hajj. Hajj coincides with Eid-ul Adha. Hajj is Obligatory on every able bodied Muslim who is able to manage it. Do you wish to understand how does it feel going to the House of Allah?

Really, With tech Hajj has Changed loads. Write to us or fill-up the shape Below. We are pleased to gift you some Books that could assist you to understand Islam. It reveals the present day audience on the best way to deal with the trials and tribulation of Life. It is a Translation of Hisnul-Muslim. Good luck! Hold myself in your Precious Prayer. Jazak Allah Khair for Stopping by to read through this article.

May You benefit from it. Thank You for this beautiful article. It is extremely helpful to lern more info on Islam. I shall suggest this site to every one interested in Islam.

Breathtaking blog site! Are You New to Islam? About Islam Hashtag Articles. If you see something that is wrong, write to us such that it is corrected. May Allah forgive us. Leave a comment. Cancel reply. Add Islam Hashtag to your Homescreen!


Free brand-new muslim package.New Muslim — KnewU

Having specialised in assisting New Muslim brothers and sisters from all over the world for more than twenty years, we created this New Muslims guide. Firstly you have to be solidly grounded in some essential knowledge if you’re New Muslim or thinking about converting to a Muslim. Free health clinics and fairs when it comes to uninsured. 4 Cellphone Clinics. To aid the people in the communities who require it. Our counselors have switched to tele-therapy and Muslims Family Services is here to aid brand new refugees, additionally the people who need it many, through resources, assistance, and ted Reading Time: 50 secs. Our new Muslim Pack was popular and effective. We’re permanently refining and improving our packages assure only the most readily useful achieves our newcomers! Each New Muslim present Pack contains: Certificate of Shahada; English interpretation regarding the Quraan; tiny pocket size guide of daily invocations; New Muslim Guide; prayer-book with DVD; Prayer cards; Prayer pad.

Whilst the electrifying moment of uttering those life switching terms will always be sinking in; thoughts and emotions will likely be challenged as your new lifestyle unfolds. Replacing old habits with new and merging in to the Muslim community can appear quite daunting. For pretty much 2 decades Revert2Reality has had the hand of numerous New Muslims; ensuring they get full support inside their learning beneath the guidance of our mentors.

Our new Muslim Pack has been very popular and effective. We are permanently refining and improving our packages to make certain just the most readily useful hits our newcomers! Call us on or email us on tips revert2reality.

I happened to be hesitant to simply take my shahada as I truly ended up being anxious; how I would learn about everything…. But having somebody feel the prayer one 2 one managed to get easy for us to learn at my own pace without any pressure and peace of mind I became carrying it out right, we obtained support and encouragement to learn those things, terms and understanding of the prayer.

I became able to ask my guide in addition to sisters We met concerns who were constantly here to help. Dad was my back bone and I also looked up to him dearly. When I lost him we began to question my life, my function and my sight of where I wanted become and where I wanted to go.

During this period I had already taken my Shahadda but never looked at it until my father died. I remember my mom telling myself my dad always spoke about Islam, and it also was a thing that he had been thinking about but never ever took it any more than that. We knew that when something dad is pleased with me.

Alhumduillah two of my brothers are Muslim now and I pray Allah swt guides them off to the right road insha allah. Six many years into my deen nearly all of everything We have learnt and all sorts of the knowledge that i’ve gained was self taught, I say most.

I have only come to understand of Revert2Reality recently; just who in the last months has assisted myself immensely both spiritually and with myself development. I have additionally fulfilled some stunning sisters, who possess made me feel therefore welcome and also at convenience with myself.

Often it can be difficult for reverts locate their particular feet on the way to Islam and discover somewhere they feel at ease and understand that folks will welcome them. I’ve been to a lot of places to get knowledge but never ever found someplace i possibly could fit in and feel at ease, so far, that is.

R2R helped myself considerably whenever I ended up being thrown out of the house becoming beaten up a number of that time period by my parents when I embraced Islam at 18 years of age. They helped me get a hold of accommodation and supplied me with meals. Through the years they’ve offered me extra valuable assistance. I believe they’re extended as they are a small neighborhood project and I hope various other identical projects do materialise in several various other localities of London.

May Allaah grant the project, volunteers and donors success in this life therefore the Hereafter ameen. I know they’ve a Sunday circle for sisters in eastern London and also do coffee mornings throughout the week.

R2R has reached the heart associated with Leyton community and I also go to each of their activities and courses. These are typically such a brilliant lot of men and women. Friendly and always go out of their particular solution to assist. I took my Shahada with R2R in and learning the basics of my deen and it could not have been easier as I took on mentoring program. I learnt within my speed and cannot believe what lengths i’ve come… many years on R2R still always maintain in touch with me personally and I are grateful are paths fulfilled. Many thanks. R2R is my loved ones and I also support all of them regularly by going to their particular attending their particular classes.

The group are particularly friendly and welcoming. Its good to understand we them to make to for alsorts of guidance. I am arrived to know of R2R through the coffee mornings that we positively love. Great food, great business, no politics just pure sisterhood…. I really could not stop reading. I happened to be on the internet throughout the day; the more We read, the greater i desired to know. I happened to be intoxicated by the wonders associated with Quraan; I began to cry and cry.

I visited my neighbour who was Asian and informed her — how can I come to be Muslim, We took my Shahada with Aliya and from then onwards she come to be my teacher and guide. Every thing i’ve learnt is from my mentor….

I enjoy you so much. I’m spiritually enlightened and Revert2Reality aided my trip becoming smooth so enjoyable. I am able to never repay you; R2R for just what you have got done in my situation. May Allaah reward you greatly ameen. R2R organise great events for females to chill and have a bit of a celebration. That will be essential for us reverts. Simply click for earlier part. Thank you for visiting Islam because the electrifying minute of uttering those life changing words will always be sinking in; ideas and feelings will be challenged as the brand-new life style unfolds.

You aren’t alone… for pretty much two decades Revert2Reality has had the hand of many New Muslims; ensuring they obtain full assistance inside their understanding beneath the guidance of our teachers. If you are a unique Muslim; contemplating Islam; Revert2Reality is here to pay attention and guidance. New Muslim Pack. NEXT Mentoring. Need A Mentor? We might like to hear away from you and provide you our assistance. Contribute viewpoints, guidance, and information from their knowledge, knowledge and expertise.

Assist you to attain changes and goals to enhance your commitment together with your Creator and stay Islam holistically. Revert Funeral Support Workshop. Providing support and advice for reverts; just how better to plan this inescapable time.

NEXT Testimonials. I was hesitant to simply take my shahada as I actually had been anxious; how I would find out about everything… But having someone feel the prayer one 2 one managed to make it easy for me to find out within my very own speed with no pressure and peace of mind I became carrying it out right, We received assistance and encouragement to learn the actions, terms and comprehension of the prayer. Alhumduillah two of my brothers tend to be Muslim today and I also pray Allah swt guides all of them to the right path insha allah Six years into my deen the majority of every little thing We have learnt and all the data that i’ve attained was self taught, we say many.

As a Leyton citizen, R2R is my second home…. Keep pace the nice work dudes! Aishah Murphy we took my Shahada with R2R in and mastering the basics of my deen plus it could not need been easier when I took on mentoring program. May Allaah reward you greatly ameen Leigh Sobowale, South London R2R organise great activities for ladies to chill and also have a little bit of a party. Khadijah Khalid.