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Pmk ee e6 seamanship.Professional Military Knowledge | PMK-EE Study Guide


Pmk ee e6 seamanship.Professional army Knowledge (Pmk)




The official U. The PMK-EE apk is an alternative for Sailors just who favor employing their mobile device to review subjects, access bibliographies, and finish the exam that corresponds to every paygrade.

The question exam covers career info, management and hero, Naval heritage, expert conduct, and seamanship. Exam parts is used any purchase and independently associated with other individuals. Sailors must attain a score with a minimum of 80 percent for each section to pass through. When a Sailor exits the apk before completing a section, the apk bookmarks that spot. Next time the apk is opened, it returns into the bookmarked spot, permitting the Sailor to continue because of the exam from that time.

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Pmk ee e6 seamanship.pmk ee e6 naval heritage

Apr 10,  · Sailors must attain a moving rating on PMK-EE just before 1 September to be involved in development Cycle PMK content will not be included regarding the NWAE starting using the September E4/5/6 Exam. 3. PMK-EE criteria and Administration: a. PMK-EE (e-6) Seamanship Flashcards | Quizlet begin learning PMK-EE (e-6) Seamanship. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, as well as other study tools. Research Flashcards On Professional Military Knowledge (PMK) at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and a lot more. makes it easy to get the level you need!

Just what class of ship was created to counter the threat posed by development of the submarine? In what war did ladies initially act as people in the Navy? You are on an Army base and while sitting uncovered in an office with Army employees, an Army officer enters. Whenever commanding Officer is absent, just what alternative pennant is flown? Whenever utilized on a speaker’s platform, the national flag ought to be presented level as well as in what position?

Anytime the National Ensign are at half-mast. What is the just pennant or flag this is certainly positioned over the National Ensign? Whenever moving awards between ships, after “Attention to Port” features sounded, the sign for “Hand Salute” is represented with what final number of blasts regarding the ship’s horn? The second and third substitutes are flown through the interface yardarm. The PMK-EE app is an alternative for Sailors which favor employing their mobile device to review topics, accessibility bibliographies, and finish the exam that corresponds to each paygrade.

Whenever going to a foreign interface, colors, nationwide anthems for host nations, and national anthems for foreign warships provide must certanly be played in what order? Failure to realize an 80 percent score on a section will … just what final amount of guns are required to salute a Vice Admiral?

The ingesting, discharging, or transporting of dangerous materials is suggested on Navy vessels by displaying exactly what warning banner? When a band or music isn’t available, just what tune is played regarding the bugle for early morning colors?

Diplomatic dispute about Cuban liberty. The Japanese surrender document was signed by a what admiral aboard b exactly what ship? The absence of the Flag Officer or Unit Commander is suggested by the use of just what substitute pennant? The fight started the age associated with the ironclads. Half-masting the national ensign on Memorial Day is carried on for just what specific duration?

A Commander in the Navy is designated what boat flagstaff insignia? Throughout the Vietnam police action, which of the after statements describes the Navy’s three main missions? MCO Stop eating and show respectful attention.

Issue exam covers career tips, leadership and hero, Naval heritage, expert conduct, and … Removing your cover whenever crossing the mess porches. Just what course ship originated to counter the threat posed by improvement the submarine? Construction of your first U. Navy destroyer started with what 12 months? Honors have to be rendered with which of this next musical selections?

Which of the after activities should you NOT initiate? What country was the first to ever formally recognize the American “Stars and Stripes”? When boarding and departing the ship, Flag or Commanding Officers on formal visits must be rendered which of this following honors?

Exactly what moon mission ended up being entirely manned by Navy personnel? What was the main cause for the Spanish-American war? Of this following historical Navy battles, which one was battled entirely with plane established from providers utilizing the two opposing Fleets never seeing each other?

A ship’s commissioning pennant ought to be flown at half-mast under which, if any, associated with following problems? When a commissioned officer details you while you are consuming in the ship’s mess hallway, which of the following actions should you are taking? Whenever Commanding Officer is missing, just what replacement pennant must be flown? On a ship measuring legs in total, the flag-staff will be exactly what final number of feet? The official U. understand vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, as well as other research resources.

Sailors must attain a moving rating of 80 % or more on each section to be able to pass the PMK-EE. America’s first suborbital trip ended up being made by just what Navy officer? Whilst in uniform and operating a vehicle during rendition of colors, you need to just take just what action s? The initial commissioned U. Navy submarine was handed exactly what name? Pertaining to personnel in formation, an “interval” is defined in which of this following statements?

Deterrence, forward defense, and alliance solidarity. In relation to dipping the National Ensign, which associated with the following statements is proper? A star flag staff insignia is authorized which is why of the following officers?

University of Maryland. When music just isn’t available for evening colors, exactly what number must be played from the bugle? Whenever National Ensign is in such condition that is is no longer a suitable emblem for screen, it ought to be destroyed by what means? PMK-EE 1.

Subjects: Bmr cpo military navy pmk po1 po2 po3 sk1 sk2 sk3 storekeeper Author: Created: July 17 Flashcards. Navy E-6 Adv. Enlisted … The Quasi war involving the united states of america and France from to was significant for which of the following reasons?

When driving honors between ships whenever workers have been in ranks, what salute should be rendered with what individual s? Salute the Officer for the Deck and then the ensign. The very first U. Navy nuclear-powered vessel was which kind of ship? Which of the next warfare techniques were utilized through the Vietnam Police Action? Just what U. The Quasi war amongst the united states of america and France from to was significant for which for the after reasons?

Whenever moving awards between boats, three blasts associated with the horn signal what actions? On President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day a typical gun salute is fired at 1-minute periods commencing at exactly what hour associated with the time? Leadership and character 21 Terms.

Exactly what action s , if any, should you are taking? No School. The Union Jack ought to be flown in port from a what location from the ship and during b what time period? You should take which of this following activities? You will be boarding a Navy vessel flying the National Ensign. When, if ever, if the Union Jack be flown at half-mast aboard ship? What is the birthday celebration for the usa Navy.

Which regarding the following flag combinations is referred to as colors? Initial fleet ballistic missile submarine ended up being? A flagstaff carrying the personal pennant of a Captain is equipped at the top using what special device? Half-masting the nationwide Ensign during early morning colors ought to be accomplished by just what procedure? The very first true submarine assault ended up being conducted against just what Union ship?

The thing that was 1st armed forces design awarded to individuals because of the united states of america? While underway, the Ensign is flown from what certain area on the ship? Test … ITEC Exactly what are the three basic pillars of our national army method? Removing your cover when crossing the mess decks. When rendering a salute, your forearm must certanly be at what recommended perspective? Exactly what activities s , if any, should you are taking? The flag designated by a country becoming flown by its merchant vessels is the definition of just what terms?

Bmr cpo military navy pmk po1 po2 po3 sk1 sk2 sk3 storekeeper Author: Created: February 20 Flashcards. Whenever driving awards between ships, what final amount of signal blasts stops the salute? Just what ship was the initial warfare submarine? The popular quote “Damn the torpedoes, complete rate forward! When you observe a senior enlisted approaching a blocked passageway, exactly what demand should you issue? Which associated with the after items is a typical example of a Navy customized?

Vessels is supposed to be “full dressed” for which associated with following breaks? Solutions Solutions. If the National Ensign is in such problem that it is no more a satisfactory emblem for screen, it should be damaged by what means? Vessels will likely to be “full Dressed” for which associated with following holidays? When it comes to traveling yardarm lack indicators, which of the following scenarios tend to be true? With what year ended up being the first US satellite put into orbit?

Each topic area are taken individually associated with various other parts as well as in any purchase.