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The child of just one of the very affluent families in Hyuga, a shugenja and scholar who ends up entrusted with a responsibility to hunt spirits by the Emperor. A street fighter the Ronin pulls out of a Curb-Stomp Battle , and basically encourages himself along from then on out. The ball player Character’s First admiration , definitely hell-bent on finding and killing all of them. An sprightly old Kondo lady just who tends to make multiple appearances within the show, the very first of which can be cutting the Ronin’s messy hair. Also a former shinsengumi on the run for the murder of his partner and unborn child.

a rich man with a habit of having into unlawful schemes, most notably personal trafficking and son or daughter work. Community Showcase Much More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to work on this. Get Known if you do not have an account. Principal Party. Accent version : In Book 2, they’re proven to have a Southern accent because of the very early life in Genfu.

Action woman : If feminine, of course. The Alcoholic : greatly so. Their particular very first scene involves them drinking sake in a bar, and every time they drop by a fresh city scouting out a location getting drunk is large on the set of priorities. The second game really has all of them getting extremely lost after the first shogi match, and contains their particular viewpoint for the Baron swinging up after they discover his wine collection.

Animal Motifs : Varies dependent on both option and what traits they have displayed up to that time. Deviating from the Spirit Animal’s traits will reduce your spiritual attunement, while after them will raise it. There are ten complete, you could just show 5 qualities, as each is combined with another, opposing trait. Shiroyama your head regarding the yakuza in Jijinto, and accountable for the opium trade truth be told there.

Hypnotic Eyes : Shiroyama makes use of her serpentine hypnotic abilities to manage folks, and briefly manages to take over Hatch and also the Ronin.

Yakuza : she’s the best choice of Jijinto’s yakuza, and focuses on producing and working opium. Implausible Fencing Powers : The baron shows is a lot more than a match for the ronin in a practice duel. Kitsune : he’s a six-tailed fox-demon possessing your body of Baron Roderico Mirandola. Gold Fox : The Baron is referred to as an older, but appealing guy.

Additionally doubles as a Stealth Pun since he’s a kitsune, making him a literal gold Fox. Trrrilling Rrrs : whenever their monstrous side starts showing through, he drags their roentgen’s out into a purring sound. General Shatao the ruthless general just who organizes a tournament between different villages under their control. The Starscream : their goal is to overthrow Satsuma and rule Hyuga himself.

Tengu : He unveils himself as a raven-headed bird-man. Ichiro Takeda A samurai wanting to win the Hokusei election to replace their family members’ title. Bitch in Sheep’s clothes : once you very first meet Ichiro, he seems like an excellent Samaritan which can help you escape from headhunters and houses and feeds you for a night. You later discover it’s a front, and his definitive goal is always to sacrifice souls, open a portal to hell to confront Gensai, and achieve the Jigoku.

One-Winged Angel : After eating Kiyoshi to get the Jigoku , Ichiro morphs into a magical demon with black colored bloodstream and tendrils. Aggressive Submissive : Junko shows shades for this – she relentlessly pursues the Ronin, but appears stimulated by him taking her and dominating her during intercourse.

Ax-Crazy : These are typically obviously not in a stable mind-set. Obviously a by-product of these overuse of Jigoku Itto-Ryo. Bastard Boyfriend : Jun is a Conflicted version in Book 4. He could be driven by jealousy, is insecure that the Ronin will leave him, and contains a Dark and distressed Past. He outright abuses the Ronin on numerous occasions, but the Ronin will still discover him literally attractive and can rekindle their commitment with him.

Fight Sadomasochist : they’re similarly ecstatic if they’re getting hurt or performing the hurting, since seen from their battle with the Ronin when you look at the 2nd guide. Deadpan Snarker : Of the mocking, cutting variety. They truly are the one whom drives the MC to look at their particular issues, confront their past, and trains them so that they can restore the Jigoku. It don’t exercise really, though it’s possible when it comes to MC to have emotions for all of them. Freudian Excuse : They used to be pretty normal as soon as, but a mix of the overuse of Jigoku Itto-Ryo and a betrayal regarding the Ronin’s component drove them to madness.

Guide 3 reveals another facet for this – these were molested by their parent. Murderously unhappy , as it works out. Hair-Trigger Temper : The slightest thing can deliver them into a fit of murderous trend. Like Redeems : If romanced in Book 4. Pregnant Badass : A romanced Junko through the orgasm of Book 4 if she is carrying a male Ronin’s kid. Psycho Ex-Girlfriend : They don’t use the Ronin splitting up together with them really. Maybe not well at all. One-Winged Angel : in-book 3 it’s suggested they have become a Demon by attaining the Jigoku Itto-Ryo’s perfect type, undergoing a monstrous change while slaughtering General Shatao’s soldiers.

One-Man Army : Was able to destroy fifty of Shatao’s elite guard on their very own Rape as Backstory : The Baron shows that Jun ko was sexually mistreated by their own father , adding to their particular psychological uncertainty.

How they first got it is never revealed. The Social Darwinist : They think that the strong deserve to take what they want and therefore only the poor cry. Stalker with a Crush : towards the insane degree of her whole present presence revolving across the Ronin. Their particular normal attention color is hazel.

Their ultimate objective would be to monitor the Ronin down and kill all of them , then kill on their own for them to be Together in Death. They will also eliminate anybody who gets in the form of that, or any person they see as having “stolen” the Ronin’s affections.

When you look at the second guide, they carve their title to the Ronin’s stomach “so I’ll often be to you” , as well as discussing them as his or her “property”. Various Other Characters. Emperor Satsuma The emperor of Hyuga. Animal Motifs : similar to major characters he has a spirit pet. I’m a Humanitarian : See Black Secret.

The dreadful : folks fear him, even by their name shown in the Ronin’s katana. It really is implied he performed this up until their death, as there have been individual skull fragments in the belly area of their skeleton. It successfully inspires bloodlust in the Ronin and results in their particular Supernatural Gold Eyes to very first appear.

Scatterbrained Senior : In some flashbacks in Book 4 to when he was however alive, he could be referred to as having devolved in old age into a crotchety guide and forgetting the differences between combat stances.

Ume-Ume An sprightly old Kondo lady whom tends to make multiple appearances when you look at the series, initial of which will be cutting the Ronin’s messy locks. The Bus emerged Back : Should the Ronin encourage her to maneuver from the money in-book 1, she appears again in Book 2 and gives the celebration lodgings. She shows up again in Book 4, when you yourself have to rescue her and her household from headhunters, then once more when she plays in a shogi tournament in Hokusei for you.

Hidden Depths : Shown in Book 4 is a masterful shogi player who helps it be into the finals against Ichiro. The Atoner : their inspiration for competing when you look at the shogi tournament is to ask the Baron to remove his old life, mainly the murder of their spouse and unborn son or daughter.

Bishounen : referred to as a pretty child and has a lot of feminine followers. Domestic misuse : Was the prey of a partner whom constantly derided and mocked his interests and inability to offer her a child, also cheating on him to conceive one. Her eventually going too much is really what pressed him to murder her. Big Ham : is sold with becoming a kabuki actor. He makes an overtop entry to their match aided by the Ronin, that includes angel wings, rose petals, and descending from the ceiling on wires.

Real Men Wear Pink : an old samurai and shinsengumi who was simply interested in kabuki movie theater and shogi than combat or political advancement. Nonetheless, his belated spouse had been honestly contemptuous of this and mocked him because of it. Kin Oyama A wealthy man with a practice of getting into criminal schemes, most notably personal trafficking and youngster labor. He alternatively opts to provide all of them a tour, which backfires and partly reveals the poor conditions there, such as for example Oyama’s partner berating young ones who were making minor errors which are most likely an item of overworking before putting up an obviously faux great side when she notices the three friends.

Fundamentally, the Ronin sees Aimi, an orphan who was living cheerfully at Ichiro’s orphanage, within the sweatshop, tired and gaunt. The Ronin has finally had enough, regains the Jigoku, and slaughters the Oyamas’ guards. The Ronin then chooses to free or kill the Oyamas. The Ronin shoves a silk spool down the partner’s throat and beats her to death, after which after a brief chase through the factory dunks Kin Oyama into a vat of boiling dye.

Fat Bastard : The Ronin yourself describes Oyama as “well-fed” and he is a far cry from scrupulous. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?


Samurai of hyuga 2.Samurai of Hyuga Book 2

Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 could be the blood-pumping sequel to the interactive story you already know. Return to the land of silk and metal, where fantasy and truth conflict and tough alternatives await you at /5(). Accent Adaptation: In Book 2, these are typically shown to have a Southern accent for their very early life in Genfu.; Action Girl: If female, needless to say.; The Alcoholic: truly very first scene requires all of them consuming sake in a bar, and each time they stop by a brand new town scouting out a . “Samurai of Hyuga Book 2” is a ,word interactive dream novel by Devon Connell, where your alternatives control the story. It is totally text-based–without illustrations or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable energy of one’s imagination. Become a 8/10(39).

Another game, another success guide! We made a majority of these achievements to inspire players to pick less preferred choices, as well as rewarding all of them for focusing.

Warning: spoilers forward! Humble In part 2, tell Anzai, the Gold General, you don’t have any need for games. Shogi Master In part 4, our ronin must make two correct shogi moves.

For the very first, select the piece with area to go kept from the board. Ready for such a thing In part 4, the ending of the shogi battle takes a dramatic turn. Move in the path where you initially placed your katana.

Shogi Savior In section 4, the ending of the shogi struggle takes a dramatic turn. Move forward and view what goes on. Love Triangle In section 5, the ronin is given the solution to assist a night out together go well or even ruin it. Choose damage, and for your reason why choose Hatch or Momoko. Near the Law In part 6, when a group of Shinsengumi method the ronin, choose to go by them on their right. Press meeting In section 6, thank your fans for developing to see you play before and after the shogi match.

This success is awarded at the beginning of chapter 7. Moist Embrace In part 7, if the ronin and Momoko tend to be going to the kabuki movie theater, inform her you are more focused on her than yourself. Recreational Actor In part 7, get backstage and select either the ninja or miko costume. Fallen Angel In part 8, whenever Saburo is making his entrance, elect to hurry it. Room Sneak In part 9, a perverted ronin can shock Momoko while she is busy at her desk. Different results depending on whether or perhaps not you may be interested in women!

International Duelist In part 13, during the duel resistant to the Baron, elect to charge in. Fashionable In chapter 14, after a much-needed bathtub, elect to wear the clean kimono. Complete Recall In section 14, in the coastline, Toshie asks you what your very first shogi adversary had been. Anzai, the Gold General, was an asshole. The Grappler In part 15, decide to sumo wrestle utilizing the Baron.

During the match, a calculated thoughtful ronin should just take a conventional strategy. An impulsive gutsy ronin should use the actual method rather. Kiss of lifetime In part 15, elect to give Hatch your personal environment to assist resuscitate him. Limbo In part 17, whenever expected by Toshie to sound your concept, claim that the group is in some type of purgatory.

Also, thank you. Not only to make this game, but also for offering people the option to still like Jun ko regardless of the effects. Your current email address will never be posted. View Results. September 21, SoH 2 Achievement Guide. Best Dumplings in Tonogasha In section 6, buy dango. Age Before Beauty In part 7, select old guy mask. Selfless Slumber In chapter 9, decide to let Momoko get.

Artwork Connoisseur In part 11, analyze an artwork further. Table Manners In chapter 12, elect to to use the head for the dining table. Leave a Reply Cancel answer Your email address will not be published. Look for:. Groups Uncategorized. Impulsive Calculated See Results.