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Shall we date ocean.[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? My Fairy Tales+: Ocean


Shall we day ocean.Characters


Follow by Email.Otome Otaku woman: [Walkthrough] Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales + Ocean


Yamato is famous to possess hidden the damages of a historical civilization. It drops in check of a powerful nation, Saint Cross, plus the heroine is virtually forced to have an arranged marriage featuring its third prince Lorenzo! The heroine along with her private bodyguard, Nagisa, hightail it from her castle in order to keep from handing on the Trove.

The navy and pirates scramble for the heroine, in other words, you! A unique relationship begins, this time regarding the sea! A navy commodore born of royal bloodstream. A superior of Drake. He seems careless and daft, though he’s got never lost a naval battle. The captain associated with the Black Pirates. Although incredibly selfish, he’s got a sense of moral obligation and earns the favor of the people. A person labeled as the ocean Dragon. He is relaxed and level-headed.

3rd prince of Saint Cross. Plots to unseat their brothers and turn the successor towards the throne. Although appearing civil and mannerly, he is ruthless and cares nothing about hurting others if it leads to his very own private gain. A captain of a mysterious ghost ship. A childhood buddy whom was raised using the heroine. Having a cheerful and positive personality, two-timing and devilry are away from his character. He gets along well with birds and even befriends them.

Young twin-brother of Yoh. He detests pirates and sails the seas fervently to hunt them down. While gentle and kind growing up, over time, their lips is actually sinful and his heart cool. Attendant officer to Arthur. A subordinate of Lorenzo who’s an obsession with females. Although flirty and playful, with regards to fight, his skill with a sword is unmatched. He is a commanding officer in an order of knights.

A navigator regarding the Ebony Pirates. He has heterochromia eyes that are able to see things individuals will never ordinarily be able to see. He is a person of integrity, though as he gets annoyed he becomes a most terrifying person to be around.

Elite captain of this Isse navy. Prideful and conceited, he hates to lose in everything. He hates Arthur, who thinks of him as his best friend.

NTT Solmare will continue to develop exciting games and deliver surprises and excitement to your customers. The series was enthusiastically sustained by its people all over the world, having a fantastic average analysis score of 4. Press Release from February 29,


Shall we date ocean.Otome Wendy: Shall We Date?: My Fairy stories, Ocean Assessment

Apr 22,  · Shall we date? Team [Notification of Public Holidays in Japan] Shall we date?: Pirates -Treasured appreciate into the Ocean- (both iOS and Android os) Service Termination Dates February 26, PM (PST): people are going to be struggling to newly install the application, and coins will no further be purchasable. Oct 07,  · Shall We Date?: My Fairy reports, Ocean Assessment I’m back!! I actually began this review months and months ago, however decided to travel all around the U.S. for a bit, but i am back for a few months at the least and so I’ve got even more reviews coming. Sorry if this review is disjointed..I didnt like to begin the whole thing over because I am a lazy sonofabitch. Ocean could be the prince regarding the water and a possible relationship option during my Fairy reports in addition to My Fairy Tales+. He’s based from the story book the small Mermaid Ocean is a merman and is the prince of a kingdom at the end of the sea. Nonetheless, he is dissatisfied with his life beneath the surface of the ocean and wants to reside freely like humans do. During a storm, he washed-up on coast for which you.

Depends if they’re choices that affects the love meter. If its just checkpoints then no :O. Hey Zen, am I able to utilize another account? Utilizing it? Can use explained? Yes you can easily however you will need two products to become in a position to have numerous records. You first have to register a message for your data become save at “link multiple accounts.

Temptation mirror From chpt. Yuji T. Does the answer impact the glee level for urge mirror? Because now in chapter 3 episode 5 or 6 the question alternatives are either “Cindo So ocean could be the incorrect solution or does answers perhaps not matter in this part story. I am pretty good answers doesn’t matter in this part tale. After witnessing this, attempted “Cindo Hi Zen, have u finish spin-off story?

How many chapter? We’m so tired but I really like Ocean and want to see sexy pic Spin-off: 2. I decided to go with sea and I think I chose delay head to Ocean in part 4. You can find four chapters in total. The past checkpoint could be the guide assessment. I obtained the picture close to the end of chapter 4. i will be unclear if you will find a couple of pics. If you would like us to upload the pic please let me know. Ooh i posted the pic a while straight back o3o Sorry for perhaps not responding I’m able to scarcely keep up with the comment xP.

Do you need to utilize Blue Feathers to get the Sweet Ending? Other walkthroughs mention this near the top of the page, but that one does not – yet I just passed the past option and I don’t have adequate joy when it comes to Sweet Ending. Is it possible to please add a note to the effect? I’m sort of bummed becoming getting amazed by this now, after milling for gems to pass the x19 sweets checkpoint without spending real money Yep you are doing. Sorry about that I forgot to mention it up here. I experienced it before however for some strange explanation I became able to get Thumbelina’s sweet end without the need for any items so during the time we assumed we had been capable of getting it without so I erase the thing I had prior to and well We totally forgot to place it straight back.

You need a blue feather, you get it once you have fun with the spice blens when you look at the misterious blend. You have to be diligent bc there isnt always a feather and not a complete feather. I am actually having a bit of an issue now i simply got the blue feather thus I can get the sweet ending for Ocean After 3 months of playing , but I became reading a unique story until I could get enough coupons for a blue feather.

Today i wish to put it to use to get the sweet ending, but when I start the main tale it goes directly into the final section when it comes to regular ending. Exactly what do I do?! You must make use of the item prior to starting the second chapter since it will instantly simply visit in which you left down. Spencer Willem Willem V. Fantasica requirements changes according to what amount of tracks you’ve got finished. Get: Love Letter. Get: Love Letter [Chapter 7] 7. Hiya, i am not so great with an introduction so here’s an instant summary of myself – i am lazy But at present i am really busy with my nursing classes so my entire life is essentially offered to it right now.

D: Wish me personally luck! Sarah Ashmore October 25, at AM. Anonymous October 30, at AM. Zen ri October 30, at PM. Zen ri November 12, at PM. Zen ri November 15, at AM.

Unknown November 15, at AM. Sandy Sun November 15, at PM. Anonymous November 15, at PM. Kyriien November 16, at PM. Yuji Tsukiyomi November 19, at PM. Zen ri November 19, at PM. Anonymous March 16, at PM. Zen ri March 17, at PM. Anonymous March 27, at PM.

Zen ri March 29, at PM. Anonymous might 7, at AM. Anonymous might 8, at AM. Anonymous June 26, at PM. Zen ri Summer 26, at PM. desire to Support Us? Please be aware that in order to get a good end, it entails you to definitely pay for particular sections of the story. Best option I wonder exactly what their relationship is? Subscribe Newsletter. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V.